Is there any best Badminton Coach?

If you are looking for the best badminton coach in Malaysia and Singapore, then you probably need to read this article. As you need to understand what is the meaning of “best” means in Malaysia.

Benefits of learning from a Private Badminton Coach

When parents look for a private badminton coach for their kids, they often seek the best one. However, the badminton coaching industry is now full of advertisements claiming that they are the best and have a properly structured system taught by ex-national players. Unfortunately, not all of these coaches are the right fit, and this can lead to disappointment as kids don’t improve or develop bad habits. Parents need to choose the right badminton classes for their kids in a good learning environment to ensure they benefit from an excellent coach who can help them improve their skills, tactics, and more.

A good coach can provide many benefits for kids, but parents should avoid coaches who focus on advertising how good they are. Instead, they should choose a coach who can help their kids improve within a short period of time, and who will not spoil their kids’ future by prioritizing money over effort. It’s important to choose a coach who has the best interest of the kids at heart and who can provide a positive learning environment for them.

Here are some important points of the sign of a good private coach:

  • Have a good planning schedule and proven data sheet to show the kid’s improvement (Not anyhow)
  • Good tracking record on what skills the students learned every training (Not randomly)
  • Will invest more time in your kids instead make the class bigger 
  • Class size is low so that they can concentrate more on your kids
  • The coach keeps explaining to your kids while they are doing something not right (Not keeping quiet)
  • The parents really can feel the coach is putting effort into their kids (Not only mouth talk blame the kid slowly)

The Increase of Private Coach in Malaysia

When searching for the best badminton coach in Malaysia, parents must exercise caution as their child’s future is at stake. While there are many coaches available online, it is crucial to choose a coach who can provide the right foundation and help their child improve quickly.

Money lost can be recovered, but bad habits and poor technique can ruin a child’s career. Therefore, it is important to research and select a coach who is experienced, skilled, and has a proven track record of success in coaching young players.

5 Things to understand to choose the best Coach

To help your kids improve their badminton skills, you need to hire a good coach who can provide a solid foundation and ensure continuous progress. If your child is a beginner, it’s important to find a coach who can teach them the basics at a suitable pace. A knowledgeable coach can help your child improve their foundation skills and advance to higher levels.

Always monitor your child’s progress during badminton training to ensure they are receiving the appropriate attention from their coach. If progress seems slow, don’t hesitate to find a more experienced coach who can help your child improve consistently.

A good coach can also help your child improve their fitness, strategy, and mental ability, all of which are important for becoming a good badminton player. Don’t wait too long to make a change if you’re not seeing the desired results. Look for a coach who is the best fit for your child, not necessarily the “best coach.”

Is that important to have a Coach Certification Course in Malaysia

To help parents understand, it is important to note that while the coach certification course can be a good starting point for new coaches entering the industry, it does not necessarily mean that they are experts in badminton or the best coaches available. From a coach’s perspective, obtaining certification can help establish credibility and attract students.

However, it is important for parents to not blindly trust a coach’s certification and to monitor their child’s progress for at least three months to ensure that they are actually improving under the coach’s instruction. It is essential to choose a coach based on their actual coaching abilities, rather than solely relying on their certification.

Become a Certified Coach in Malaysia

Many parents in Malaysia and Singapore may misunderstand that a coach with certification is automatically good, but this is not always the case. Some coaches may have obtained a certification but still have substandard coaching quality, leading to disappointment for parents.

Unfortunately, some coaches use the term ‘Certified Badminton Coach’ as a marketing label without actually delivering on quality coaching. Therefore, to ensure that your kids have a good, certified coach, it’s important to ensure that the coach has the following capabilities:

Deep understanding of how to teach the Basics of Badminton

To be a good certified coach in Malaysia, it is important for the coach to have excellent knowledge of the basic foundation of badminton, not just in general but in all aspects from beginner to advance level. This helps the student to gain a better understanding of the sport.

In Malaysia some beginner coaches only teach beginners because they feel they lack the knowledge to teach pro players, but this is not true. In fact, teaching beginners requires more advanced knowledge of coaching. Therefore, the coach must have a very good understanding of the basic fundamentals of badminton.

Latest Coaching Knowledge in Badminton

Many coaches from older generations may have outdated training methods that could be harmful to students. For example, 20 years ago sports science was a new field, and there was no structured training system, so training methods were disorganized. Coaches may have trained students based on their mood or personal opinions, without considering whether the methods were effective.

Nowadays, training methods are based on data analytics and sports science, and coaches must keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge to provide proper and structured training. Parents should remember that it is important for a coach to have the latest teaching knowledge.

The Coach must be able to spend more time with the student

If the coach is truly responsible, they will prioritize spending more time on their students rather than counting every cent. If the kids are talented, and every cent counts, the parents would need to be very wealthy to be able to afford the expenses for the coach. Therefore, parents should look for a coach who is willing to invest their time in their kids, and who charges reasonable fees.

Additionally, the coach should not pass off the responsibility of teaching to an assistant coach. Such coaches are good to keep for a long time as they can help the kids build a better future in their badminton career.

Always keep Helping the Student Improve Their Weakness

Each coach has their own strengths, but some coaches, when teaching students, may see weaknesses that need improvement, yet they pretend that nothing is wrong. These coaches simply want an easy life, take training fees from parents, and aren’t in a rush to help their students improve.

Other coaches may lack experience and not know where a student’s weaknesses lie. Therefore, the best badminton coaches are those who identify and help students improve their weaknesses in a short period of time.

Understand What the Student Should Improve

Many coaches tend to teach their students the same training, such as focusing only on smashing, which is not an effective coaching approach. A good coach should understand the student’s skills and what areas they need to improve in order to make their overall skills more balanced and consistent.

If a coach focuses solely on one skill, the student will not be able to advance to the next level, especially when competing with other players. Therefore, the coach must be able to identify the areas where the student needs to improve.

Be More Concentrated on the Student’s Result Instead Business Mindset

Many private coaches aim to help their students achieve good results in badminton, but this can be a challenging task. In order for students to see significant improvement, they must train at least three days a week, but many coaches prioritize making money over putting in the necessary effort. Some coaches may spend more time on the students to ensure good results, but due to parents being unwilling to pay more, students may not improve as much as they could.

A good solution is for coaches to focus on teaching rather than solely treating coaching as a business. It is important to remember that there is no single “best coach” in Malaysia, but it is crucial to find a coach who is willing to spend time helping your child. We hope these guidelines will help you choose the right coach for your child, and we wish you the best of luck in their badminton career. Thank you for reading!

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