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Are you looking for the best badminton academies and coaches in Singapore? Many parents have approached our badminton coaches seeking advice on the qualities of various badminton academies in Singapore. We are here to help and provide the best advice on four of the most popular badminton academies in Singapore. At ST Badminton Academy, we offer the best knowledge base and experienced coaches to help you improve your game.

As a highly experienced badminton coach in Singapore, we are often asked by parents which badminton academy or coach their children should join if our slots are already full. Our answer is always the same: it depends on the parent’s goals and the child’s aspirations.

If the child is passionate about badminton and aspires to become a professional player, then enrolling in a good badminton academy is a fantastic idea. This will give the child the opportunity to learn from the best badminton coaches and keep advancing towards their goals.

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Join Professional or Fun badminton academies in Singapore

On the other hand, if the child is playing badminton for fun and has no interest in becoming a professional player, joining the best badminton academy may not be necessary. The child can still enjoy playing badminton and learn the fundamentals of the game without the need to learn from a professional badminton academy. Ultimately, the decision to enroll in a badminton academy should be based on the parent’s and child’s goals and aspirations.

If the child is passionate about badminton and aspires to become a professional player, enrolling in a good and reputable badminton academy is an excellent idea, especially in Singapore. If you are searching for badminton classes, there are many qualified badminton academies to choose from.

But how can you know which one provides the best badminton training? We will provide you with honest reviews. Here are some reviews of commonly sought-after badminton academies that parents have asked us to provide honest feedback on, even though they spend money on advertising to attract more students:

1. A-Storm Badminton Academy Singapore

A-Storm Badminton Academy has been providing badminton coaching for beginner to intermediate players for many years in Singapore. The head coach, who is left-handed and has a solid coaching foundation, is friendly and has helped many of his students achieve good results in badminton. While A-Storm coach typically coaches secondary school students, he also conducts private badminton lessons when needed. He is a friendly coach, but also a demanding one who always strives to help his students improve. To be honest, a good badminton coach is always demanding. That’s the short review.

Suitable for: Beginner, intermediate, kids, school team, and casual if thought by the head badminton coach.

Improvement Result: Overall, the improvements are good, especially in school competitions where his students have achieved excellent results on a yearly basis. A-Storm Badminton Academy has made a significant contribution to the badminton coaching industry in Singapore.

Academy Online Review Rating: To be honest, we were unable to find any reviews of this badminton academy online, but their Facebook page does feature presentable photos. However, many badminton coaches, including our own, are often too busy with coaching to maintain an active online presence. Therefore, it is important to prioritize finding a good badminton coach for your kids, rather than simply choosing a coach based on their advertising efforts.

Badminton Lessons Location: Having a lot of badminton lesson locations in the Sengkang area, is good for people who stay around the area.

Recommended: Our coach has personally observed the Head Coach conducting training sessions at Clementi Sports Hall and found him to be reliable and helpful. Parents who are seeking badminton lessons for their kids may consider trying out this coach, as he has a good level of experience.


2. Arrow Badminton Academy Singapore

Arrow Badminton Academy, run by Coach Jason, is an active and helpful badminton academy that focuses on improving the skill level of students, particularly beginner kids. Coach Jason is patient and dedicated to teaching, and has helped many students progress from beginner to school team level. Our badminton coach has known Coach Jason for 10 years since their time at Clementi Sports Hall and can attest to his friendly personality and many years of experience in the badminton coaching industry. Here are some reviews:

Suitable for: Recreational, kids, school team, and casual if thought by coach Jason.

Improvement Result: Coach Jason has consistently produced good results, as many of his students have received awards in numerous schools and competitions, demonstrating a clear improvement in their skills.

Academy Online Review Rating: To be honest, there are not many online reviews for Arrow Badminton Academy, but as reviews can sometimes be untrustworthy, this is not a big issue. It’s important to note that just because a coach may not be proficient in online marketing, it doesn’t mean they are not a good coach. Therefore, parents should give the coach a try and observe if they can produce good results for their children.

Badminton Lessons Location: It is beneficial for individuals residing in the Tampines, Jurong West, Heartbeat Bedok, Yishun, and Sengkang areas to have multiple badminton lesson locations available.

Recommended: Our coach has observed Coach Jason conduct training before, and overall, found him to be a good and patient coach. Parents who are seeking badminton training for their kids may consider trying out Coach Jason’s services, as he is experienced in providing such training.


3. Optimum Badminton Academy Singapore (OBA)

As many parents inquire about Optimum Badminton Academy and its standard of coaching, our badminton coach would like to clarify that the academy has been in the badminton coaching industry for quite some time. While some people may complain about their coaching, citing that most of their coaches are young teens who are paid hourly, our coach believes that the quality of coaching does not necessarily depend on the age of the coach. Rather, it depends on the coaching quality and how the academy manages its large number of students and assistant coaches. In fact, without assistant coaches, they would be unable to expand to multiple locations and grow their business. Our coach has known the head coach for 10 years since coaching at Clementi Sports Hall, and would like to offer the following honest recommendation.

Suitable for: Recreational if thought by assistant badminton coach (The best still the Head coach Jeron)

Improvement Result: “Ten years ago, the first batch of students and assistant coaches were good. However, with so many coaches at Optimum Badminton Academy, the best course of action is to monitor the coaching quality yourself.”

Academy Star Rating: To be honest, there are quite a number of negative reviews, but most of them are related to their assistant coaches. However, it’s important to note that every academy has its strengths and weaknesses. Coach Jeron is still a friendly person as always.

Badminton Lessons Location: Having a lot of badminton lesson locations, is good for people who stay around the area.

Badminton Coach Turnover Rate: According to many feedback is quite high due to they have a lot of badminton coaching.

Recommended: Our coach only knows coach Jeron at OBA and cannot comment on the other badminton coaches. We recommend parents to try out and monitor the improvement of their child’s skills.


4. BG Badminton Academy Singapore

BG Badminton Academy, like Optimum Badminton Academy, uses assistant badminton coaches to teach their students. However, it is difficult to compare the coaching quality of these two academies as each academy and its coaches have their own unique strengths. It is important for parents to carefully evaluate each academy before making a decision. Although classes are conducted by assistant coaches, it is not necessarily a bad thing as the quality of the coaching ultimately depends on how much effort and experience they have in coaching both kids and adults.

Suitable for: Recreational, casual if thought by assistant badminton coach

Improvement Result: So far, the reviews for improvements are quite good for BG Badminton Academy according to online feedback, provided that the reviews are authentic.

Academy Rating: To be honest, while the online reviews for the coach are good, it’s difficult to determine the coaching results in real life. The coach is known for their helpful skill videos on their YouTube channel, which benefits many people who enjoy badminton. However, to assess the coaching quality, parents may need to observe the results after 2 to 3 months of badminton lessons.

Badminton Lessons Location: For those living in the West area, such as Choa Chu Kang, having multiple badminton lesson locations is convenient.

Recommended: Our coach is only familiar with the head coach at BG Badminton, having seen him before at Senja Court and Pek Kio CC. As for the other coaches, we cannot provide any insights. Therefore, parents should monitor the results and improvements of their child after enrolling them in BG Badminton Academy.


Why ST Badminton Academy Review

As a reputable badminton academy in Singapore, ST Badminton Academy strives to provide honest reviews of other badminton academies. We do not aim to judge which academy is better or worse. Instead, we offer opinions to help parents who are looking for alternative badminton classes when our slots are full. Nowadays, many parents have voiced concerns about the reliability of Google reviews, as many of them can be bought from overseas under fake names like “Robert Genuine,” resulting in a 5-star rating. However, such reviews can be easily detected.

Why ST Badminton Academy Review

Fake Online Review Badminton Academy

Be aware of fake online reviews for badminton academies. While we pride ourselves on providing professional badminton coaching, we are constantly working to improve our services based on our roadmap. However, due to high demand, our training schedule is currently limited, and we regret that we have had to reject some applications. We encourage parents and children who are unable to train with us to seek out other reputable badminton schools in the area.

Fake Online Review Badminton Academy

What if you found a fake review of a badminton coach online

Sometimes, if you come across fake reviews of badminton classes conducted by certain badminton academies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have skilled coaches or aren’t professional. It could simply be that they are new to the coaching industry and need more students. Parents can still consider joining these academies, but they need to monitor their child’s progress closely every three months to ensure improvement. It’s not advisable to blindly continue with the same academy for years without checking if the child is improving. This could affect their foundational skills and lead to bad habits, especially at the beginner level.

What if you found a fake review of a badminton coach online

Does advertising mean no skilled coaches in Singapore?

In fact, it is not the case. Nowadays, the cheapest way to find students is by advertising online, as digital technology is very popular in Singapore. Therefore, if a badminton coach does not have many students and has a lot of experience teaching kids, it is a good sign. They will have more time to focus on their students, just like our coach who never takes more students once his badminton classes are full. Actually, there is no such thing as a bad badminton academy in Singapore, it all depends on whether the badminton classes are suitable for your child or not, and how much effort parents put into monitoring the improvement progress of their child in order to choose the best badminton coach.

Lastly, ST Badminton Academy hopes that every parent can find a good badminton coach in Singapore. Thank you for reading.

Does advertising mean no skilled coaches in Singapore

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