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This certified professional badminton racket restring service is only for ST Badminton Academy students. All stringing procedures will go according to professional badminton stringing standards by our Master Racquet Technician & Certified Stringer Mr.Eric Chuar.

Racket Restring Services by ST Badminton Academy KL Setapak Malaysia 2024
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Professional Racket Restring for Students

This professional racket restringing service is exclusively available for students of ST Badminton Academy. We place a strong emphasis on certified stringing to cater to parents who are seeking a professional restringing service for their children’s rackets.

The restringing process is carried out by a Certified Stringer, who adheres strictly to the international tournament stringing standards. Our stringing machine is calibrated annually according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards, and we use the Yonex Protech series for the machine brand. In essence, our students can be assured of receiving the highest quality restringing service available in Malaysia Johor Bahru.

Professional Racket Restring Video

This video demonstrates the professional racket restringing service offered by ST Badminton Academy, with a focus on precise and gentle stringing techniques performed by our certified stringer

Best Racket Restring Services by ST Badminton Academy KL Setapak Malaysia 2023

Badminton Racket Restring Overview

Our professional racket restring service offers ST Badminton Academy’s students the assurance of consistent tension and durability guaranteed. Strung by a certified stringer using the best stringing machine available, our students can expect only the highest quality professional stringing for their rackets. A poor-quality stringing job can adversely affect a student’s performance once they have reached a certain level in badminton.

Thus, our head coach, Mr. Eric Chuar, has sought to deepen his knowledge of professional racket restringing and has become certified in this field to better guide our students in making informed decisions. His intentions are solely to ensure our students receive the best quality stringing in the long run, not for business purposes as this service is exclusive to our students.

Certified Stringer Malaysia KL Setapak by ST Badminton Academy 2024

Is Professional Stringing in Badminton Important for Students

Yes, the proper stringing of a racket is important for a player’s performance. According to our certified stringer, a professional player’s drop shot, shooting lob, and netting skills all depend on the “feel” and bounce-back response from the string tension. If a racket is strung by a casual stringer without much knowledge of stringing, it can cause coordination issues for the player due to inconsistent or incorrect tension.

Additionally, the stringing method may be incorrect, the machine tension head tolerance may be out of accuracy, or the stringer may not know the proper stringing technique, such as knots and pulling the string too fast, which can damage the quality of the string. There are many possibilities that can cause mistakes on the court if the racket is not strung properly.

Professional Badminton Stringing by ST Badminton Academy KL Setapak 2024

What if the Racket Restring is Bad Quality

Poor quality racket restringing can cause discomfort for the player during badminton play. The racket may be more prone to cracking if the wrong stringing method is used, and the string durability may be compromised, leading to more frequent breakage.

Overlapping of strings, as shown in the attached image, is a common issue. In addition, players may experience an increased chance of mistakes as they adapt to the new string tension and feel, leading to a negative impact on their overall performance. It is crucial for players to receive consistent and high-quality stringing to ensure optimal playing conditions.

Certified Racket Restring by ST Badminton Academy Kuala Lumour Malaysia 2024

At what level can start to use Professional Stringing

Professional players are recommended to start using professional stringing once they have a solid foundation and can play consistently. Additionally, if they are competing in school or events, using professional racket stringing can benefit them in the long run. When our students know they are receiving top-quality coaching and using the best stringing, they feel more confident in their learning.

As they become accustomed to the professional stringing, they will feel more comfortable playing games. Good stringing has been proven to provide players with a better playing experience. Regarding string technology, there are various string gauge thicknesses available to meet the needs of players at any age and level.

Badminton Restring by ST Badminton Academy Kuala Lumpur Gombak Malaysia 2024

What They Can Get from this Racket Restringing Services

With this service, students can benefit from a full set of professional stringing knowledge, including how to choose the right badminton string and how to assess stringing quality. Our coach takes the time to explain these important concepts to every student to ensure they have a basic understanding of badminton equipment and are not taken advantage of by others.

Additionally, basic badminton equipment knowledge is included in our yearly theory and practical tests, so our students can have a more comprehensive understanding of the sport and its equipment, including stringing.

Professional Racket Restring by ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia Setapak 2024

What is the Advantage of this Racket Restring

The advantage of this racket goes beyond the certification of the stringer, as the user will feel the difference and enjoy a comfortable experience on the court. This aspect is crucial, and constantly emphasizing our expertise and certifications is of little importance.

Ensuring that the players are comfortable with the stringing is much more important, as our coach knows from the knowledge he gained from the world-renowned stringing association USRSA. Therefore, our students can benefit from both quality badminton training and professional racket stringing services.

Professional Badminton Stringing for racket by ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia 2022

Who will Conduct this Restringing

As per our usual practice, Mr. Eric, our esteemed badminton coach, will be personally overseeing the racket restringing services for our students, as he is the only qualified stringer.

He is a Certified Stringer accredited by the American Stringing Association. We strictly do not allow any casual stringers to undertake the stringing process. In addition, we have observed that our students perform better during games and training when using professional stringing, as our coaches have conducted research on this matter.

Badminton Stringing Melati Utama for ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2024

Our Professional Badminton Stringing Machine

Apart from stringing skills, the stringing machine plays an important role in ensuring the quality of stringing is good. We use the Japan Yonex Protech 8 series stringing machine, which has also been featured in the All England Badminton Championship. This machine is capable of serving the world’s top badminton players.

In addition, the machine’s tension head is sent for calibration every year to check for accuracy within our tolerance. The calibration laboratory must be SINGLAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standard. We prefer to send it to a third party for calibration instead of doing it on our own to ensure fairness to our students and players, and to ensure the calibration results are accurate. This way, they can receive high-quality stringing services.

Badminton Stringing Services for ST Badminton Academy Kuala Lumpur Gombak 2024

Our Machine Stringing Clamp

The stringing clamp is also crucial in ensuring accurate string tension. If the clamp is too tight, it can damage the string quality, and if it’s too loose, the tension won’t be accurate. We send our clamp for yearly calibration to a certified laboratory to ensure its tightness.

Our stringer also performs daily cleaning and maintenance to keep the stringing clamp in good condition. We also check the tightness of the clamp before every stringing session to ensure the best results for our students.

Stringer Qualification

Certified Stringer Eric Chuar ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL Setapak 2025

Certified Stringer from USRSA

Master Racket Technician Eric Chuar Professional Badminton Stringing by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Kuala Lumpur KL 2024

Aside from Certified Stringer, Coach Eric is also a Certified Master Racquet Technician MRT under USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association).

Aside from technical knowledge in racket stringing, Coach Eric has also undergone important knowledge development courses, including:

Master Racquet Technician (MRT) USRSA

Certified Stringer (CS) USRSA

Professional Racquet Advisor (PRA) USRSA

Master Racquet Technician (MRT) USRSA

Certified Stringer (CS) CRSF

Professional Racquet Advisor (PRA) CRSF

Mechanical Metrology NMC

Dimensional Metrology NMC

Electrical Metrology NMC

Temperature Metrology NMC

Temperature Calibration ITE

Metrology & Electrical Measurement ITE

Stringer Development

CRSF Certified Stringer

CRSF Master Racquet Technician

Mechanical Metrology

Dimensional Metrology

Electrical Metrology

Temperature Metrology

Temperature Calibration

M & E Measurement

Certificates are just a small part of the racket re-stringing.

We believe that the effort and passion we invest in the racket to ensure consistency is the key to success.

Eric Chuar Professional Stringer

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