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Pair badminton group training will go according to professional badminton coaching standards. But if you are looking for results and making your kids improve faster instead of cheap training fees, this training will be a good choice.

Kids Badminton Group Training  2 on 1 by ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia
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Group Badminton Training for 2 Students

At ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Setapak area (KL), we offer group badminton training for 2 students, as many parents seek this option for their children, particularly at the beginner level. However, it is important to consider what type of badminton training is most suitable for your child, and what approach will help them improve their skills effectively and efficiently. Our 2-student group training class is a great choice, as it allows our experienced badminton coach to provide focused attention to each individual student, while still maintaining a reasonable timeframe for the session.

This is particularly important, as badminton involves numerous skill sets, and going through each one with a large group of students can be quite time-consuming. Furthermore, each student has unique levels of understanding and abilities, and our coach needs to monitor and provide tailored feedback to ensure that each student is progressing effectively. With group training for 2 students, we are able to provide more personalized guidance and practice opportunities for each student, allowing them to perfect their skills in a supportive and effective learning environment.

The benefit of 2 Students Badminton Training Malaysia
The benefit of 2 Students Badminton Training 1.1

The Benefit of 2 Students Badminton Group Training

The benefits of group badminton training for 2 students are numerous, with one significant advantage being the opportunity for students to improve their skills faster and with greater proficiency than those in larger groups. In a 2-student group, our experienced badminton coach is able to provide focused and personalized attention to each student, allowing for more in-depth monitoring and correction of their individual techniques and form. As a result, even small errors or inconsistencies in their performance can be easily detected and addressed, leading to more rapid and effective skill development.

In contrast, larger group sizes can pose challenges for coaches, as it can be difficult to provide individualized instruction and feedback in a limited time frame. By limiting our group size to 2 students, we are able to ensure that each student receives the necessary attention and guidance to develop a strong foundation in proper badminton techniques and skills. This approach helps to set our students apart and provides them with a competitive edge on the court. At ST Badminton Academy, we take pride in our commitment to delivering top-quality badminton coaching and training for both group and private lessons.

Badminton Group Training For Kids  2 on 1 by ST Badminton Academy Setapak Malaysia
The benefit of 2 Students Group Badminton Training 1.2

Get Better Foundation in Badminton Skill

Our group badminton training for 2 students offers a strong foundation for the development of excellent badminton skills. Our badminton coach has observed that when there are only 2 students in a class, he is able to provide more personalized attention and correction for every wrong habit or technique. For some students, the development of a solid foundation requires more focused attention, as they may continue to repeat bad habits or struggle to correct their form.

Our coach is committed to helping these students overcome these obstacles by providing ample time for explanation and feedback during our 2-student group training sessions. Our coach’s dedication and attentiveness ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn and improve at their own pace, and the results speak for themselves. Without this level of personalized attention, students may continue to struggle and become stuck at their current level. At ST Badminton Academy, we take pride in offering top-quality badminton coaching and training, whether through our group or private lessons, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in the progress and success of our students.

Group Badminton Training 2 to 2 by ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia
The benefit of 2 Students Badminton Training 1.3

Sparring and Getting More Game Experiences

In our 2-student group badminton training, our coach typically engages in sparring with his students, which provides a valuable opportunity for players to gain game experience and improve their skills more quickly. However, in order to engage in sparring, students must already possess a certain level of proficiency in the game. While regular training with multiple shuttles can be beneficial, it is not as effective as sparring for improving game skills. During sparring training, our coach is able to identify and correct bad habits or areas in which students need improvement, providing personalized feedback to help them develop stronger skills.

This level of individual attention is not possible in a larger group of more than 5 students, where coaches are often forced to rely on drills or multiple shuttles to keep all players engaged. Unfortunately, this is the reality of many badminton training classes in KL. At ST Badminton Academy, we prioritize quality over quantity, offering small-group badminton training that enables each student to receive the attention and personalized coaching necessary to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Group Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL Setapak
The benefit of 2 Students Badminton Training 1.4

More Focusing on Student’s Improving Results

When parents choose the 2-student group badminton training, they can expect to see significant improvement in their child’s skills. With a small class size, each student can receive more personalized attention and coaching, resulting in faster and more consistent improvement. Additionally, parents can have peace of mind knowing that any issues or obstacles to improvement can be easily identified and addressed by the coach.

At ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL, we take pride in the quality of our training and the satisfaction of our clients. Our 2-student classes are currently fully occupied, and we attribute this to our experienced badminton coach and our clean, effective training methods. By choosing this type of training, parents can ensure that their child receives the best coaching and has the best chance of achieving their badminton goals.

2 Students Group Training Calculation

Beginner Training

Learning Details

Student Learn

45 Minutes


22.5 Minutes

45 Minutes


22.5 Minutes

30 Minutes


15 Minutes

Total: 2 Hours

Learned: 3 Skills

Total: 60 Minutes

Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn if 2 students in one group.

Badminton Group Training in Malaysia (KL) 2 Students by ST Badminton Academy

Improve Quality of Training
Improving the quality of training by making the size smaller train with our experienced badminton coach is the best way to learn more.

Obvious Improvement Result
When our coach has more time to explain and play with his students, the results of improvement can be obvious, especially in foundation development.

Coaching Interaction
In badminton group training for foundation development, the important thing is between coach and student to interact about every skill they learn.

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