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All these badminton training photos are important to us, why? Every child grew up too quickly, just like “clip eyes” and every student is growing up. As parents will understand this.

These two little students the left one is naughty, the right one is clever in studying but not very good at sports. But both of them are hardworking during training in badminton classes.

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These two little students, the one on the left is naughty, while the one on the right is clever in their studies but not very good at sports. However, both of them work hard during their badminton training classes. All the best to your future and must take care and stay well!

2 Other than upper body swing racket wrist and shoulder, footwork is the priority foundation for kids in badminton. Our badminton coach is monitoring every second in the training classes.

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In badminton, besides the upper body’s swing, racket, wrist, and shoulder movements, footwork is the most important foundation for kids. Our badminton coach closely monitors every second of the training classes to ensure that the kids are developing their footwork skills properly.

This student when he first day joins training, wear a singlet shirt. learning how to swing a racket, is very cute. A total beginner, but after 9 months, basic and strength fitness are well developed.

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On his first day of training, this student wore a singlet shirt while he was learning how to swing a racket. It was so adorable! He was a total beginner, but after 9 months of training, he has developed his basic skills and improved his strength and fitness significantly.

Badminton Classes for kids Gallery by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Taman Melati Setapak Malaysia 06

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This student learns at a slightly slower pace, but once he learns something, he never forgets it. This is especially true for all the basic footwork in badminton. We meet so many different types of students in coaching, each with their own unique strengths and challenges.

This group although they are separated into 4 students in a group, our head badminton coach will still arrange a time to stay together as a team. In order to let them feel like a family.

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Although this group is divided into four students, our head badminton coach still arranges for them to spend time together as a team, to help them feel like a family. This means that we will gather all the different classes in the group to have lunch together after training.

This student actually looks very small, Been told that he is a Hyperactive kid. But our coach plan an 4 hours lesson for him every Saturday. After 4 hours, he always becomes a “calm” kid.

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This student is actually quite small, and we’ve been told that he’s hyperactive. Despite this, our coach plans a four-hour lesson for him every Saturday. After the lesson, he always becomes a much calmer and more relaxed kid.

Badminton Training Setapak by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Eric Chuar

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This happened a year ago, when we celebrated a student’s birthday during a six-hour badminton training session. Even though they were tired, we made sure to give them enough time to rest, smile, and make improvements.

26 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy Malaysia Setapak Malaysia-38

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This student is actually very playful, but during training, he works extremely hard, and his sweat never stops. That’s why our head coach always offers him six hours of training with no additional charges.

11 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Taman Melati-Setapak-Malaysia-95

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This student is currently 16 years old, but this photo was taken when he was 13 years old at Senja Cashew CC. The yellow shirt was selected for Sport School training. It’s great to see how far he’s come since then, and we wish him all the best moving forward!

Gombak Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia

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In situations where multiple shuttles are being used, the reason why the students are able to improve so quickly is because our head coaches are focused on one student at a time, observing their every move and skill. This photo was taken in 2017.

School Team Badminton Training Taman Melati by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia

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This is a photo of a current national player, taken in 2018 just before he entered Singapore Sports School. His reactions are lightning fast, and our head badminton coach is particularly impressed with his flexibility. We wish him the best of luck!

12 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Wangsa Maju-Malaysia-92

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This birthday boy is the most hardworking student that STBA has ever seen. He joined us when he was 13 years old, and in less than a year, he was able to learn almost 70% of the basic skills, which is much faster than other students.

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This student is actually from France and is absolutely adorable. This photo captures the moment when he was learning how to swing a racket and first starting to learn badminton. He was very gentle and soft, but after a few months of training, he finally learned how to lob baseline and even developed some muscle!

Badminton Training Sri Rampai by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2023

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This student has been with STBA for more than four years now, even though he joined us late. He has always been eager to learn, and now at 18 years old, the time has passed so quickly. Our coach doesn’t see him as just a student, but rather as a brother.

Sport School Player by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2023

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These students were selected for Singapore Sports School training. This particular photo was taken when he was 14 years old, and even then, he was already showing great talent. Now, when he smashes, everyone runs away! He has come a long way since then and is currently on the National Team.

Badminton Training Setiawangsa by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2023

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This student is learning badminton with our coach in Yishun. They are having a 2-to-1 training, and even though it can be tiring, you can still see the smiles on their faces as they enjoy learning new things in their badminton classes.

Jelatek Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2023

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This is a student from Choa Chu Kang with good basic skills. Although his body is still a little stiff, his smashing is impressive. As our coach often says, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and no one is perfect.

Badminton Classes for kids Gallery by ST Badminton Academy Dato Keramat Jurong Malaysia 82

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In truth, the environment at our badminton classes for kids is like a family. We ensure that all the students’ training results are equally improved, and we celebrate together as a team, just like a family.

19 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Damai-KL-Malaysia-64

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This student has been learning with us for about four months and has shown significant improvement in his skills during that time. Although he gave up halfway through the course, we still see him as a talented student. We hope that he is doing well and staying healthy.

Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Ampang Park 2023

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A good learning environment always helps our students to improve within a short period of time. We are strict on class ratios to ensure that our students can learn as much as possible during their training.

15 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-KLCC-Malaysia-KL-85

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Here’s another way that we train kids in badminton. Our coach uses a shuttlecock machine to help train the students, but there are many benefits to this training method.

Badminton Classes for kids Gallery by ST Badminton Academy Kampung Baru KL Singapore 58

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Here we have a female student, who is both a friend of the coach and a parent of one of our students. Her son is currently learning with us, and she has also decided to join our classes to learn badminton.

Badminton Training Dang Wangi by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2023

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We absolutely adore this student’s playful spirit and contagious smile. Even though she loves to have fun, when it’s time to train, she puts in 110% effort and works tirelessly to improve. Her happiness is infectious and we are so grateful to have her in our class!

24 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Masjid Jamek-KL-Malaysia-55

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This student is an inspiration to us all. At 68 years old, she still takes her training very seriously and is always punctual and on time. We are so grateful to have her in our class and we admire her dedication and passion for badminton.

Badminton Classes for kids Gallery by ST Badminton Academy Pasar Seni KL Malaysia 39

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During basic footwork training, our badminton coach keeps a watchful eye on every student and does not allow any mistakes.

17 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Red One–KL Sentral-Malaysia-83

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Are you aware that our badminton classes are limited to four students at most? This is one of the guidelines our coach has put in place to guarantee the optimal training experience for all participants.

Badminton Classes for kids Gallery by ST Badminton Academy Bank Rakyat Bangsar Malaysia 37

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Isn’t it amazing to see these adults enjoying themselves and staying active through badminton training at Buona Vista CC? This heartwarming photo captures a special moment of one of our ‘senior’ students, who is 66 years young and still embracing the joy of the game.

28 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Abdullah Hukum-KL-Malaysia-36

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This student has been with STBA for about 3 years, starting as a beginner office lady and progressing to a high beginner level. Her overall skills have developed well, particularly in the basics, such as netting. We wish her all the best in her future badminton endeavors!

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To be honest, our badminton classes for kids may not be suitable for students who are not interested in badminton, as we have designed our training plans using specific methods to enhance badminton skills. We strive to provide the best possible training experience for our students who have a passion for the sport.

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As a student begins to master their backhand skills, it’s important to remember that proper instruction and practice can make all the difference in winning or losing game points. With dedication and focus, a student can overcome any challenge and emerge victorious on the badminton court.

31 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Kerinchi-KL-Malaysia-25

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This is what happens when a student practices smashing – even if they’re small in size, after a few months of training they gain a lot of fitness. Now, when this particular student runs, nobody can catch up to him so far.

32 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Taman Jaya-KL-Malaysia-24

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This is a precious photo taken during the adult badminton training at Pek Kio CC years ago. Even though all the adults are busy with work, they always made an effort to come on time for their training sessions.

This student actually is very playful, but in the training, he is working very hard, and his sweat is non-stop. This is why our head coach always offers him 6 hours of training with no additional charges.

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This young student is one of the most hardworking trainees – no matter how many shuttle shots the badminton coach asks for, he always follows through. It’s rare to see such a hardworking attitude, especially among adults.

Badminton Classes for kids Gallery by ST Badminton Academy Asia Jaya KL Malaysia 19

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When students do footwork running, our coach doesn’t just let them warm up – they keep a close eye on every individual student and point out any mistakes. This is one of the reasons why we prefer to keep a low student-to-coach ratio in our classes.

13 Badminton-Classes-for-kids-Gallery-by-ST-Badminton-Academy-Taman Paramount-KL-Malaysia-90

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Beginners in badminton often require more than simply swinging a racket to learn effectively. As coaches, we take the time to explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind each aspect of the sport to ensure that our students are able to hit the shuttlecock with greater ease and build their confidence on the court.

Westwood badminton training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Melati Utama

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Although this particular student’s progress may be slow, it’s worth noting that she is learning at a faster rate compared to other female students. However, she does require more time and attention to fully understand the proper technique for swinging a racket.

SMK Taman Melati Badminton Training Album by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia

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This student began their badminton training with no prior experience at the age of 10. After just over 2 months of training, they have demonstrated the ability to hit the baseline, turn their body correctly, and perform footwork with notable proficiency. Their progress is impressive, and we commend them on a job well done.

Badminton Training at Gombak by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL

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Beginning their training as a fresh beginner, this student has shown notable talent and potential. After just over two months of training, they have demonstrated proper footwork techniques and the ability to move around the court effectively while also hitting the shuttlecock with skill. We commend this student on their progress and look forward to further developments in their training.

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