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Our Badminton Coach Mr.Eric Chuar, founder of ST Badminton Academy has been coaching badminton since 2007.

Badminton Coach Eric Chuar KL Malaysia and Singapore

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Our Badminton Coach Profile Mr.Eric Chuar

Mr. Eric Chuar has been responsible for overseeing the ST Badminton Academy since 2007. As the coach, he is committed to focusing on the fundamentals of badminton, including the development, execution, and measurement of innovative training methods for his students. With a keen eye for detecting areas of weakness in his students, Mr. Chuar tailors training plans and workflows to suit each individual and accelerate their improvement in a relatively short amount of time.

Mr. Chuar’s approach to coaching goes beyond relying solely on experience. Instead, he believes that a well-thought-out training plan, method, and workflow are critical to achieving success in a badminton career. Not only does he push his students to achieve their best, but he also strives to continuously improve his own coaching skills.

ST Badminton Academy offers a comprehensive range of badminton classes, lessons, and coaching services, all of which are underpinned by Mr. Chuar’s expertise and guidance.

Badminton Coach Eric Chuar Malaysia KL and Singapore

His Mission in Coaching Career

As a Certified Badminton Coach in Malaysia, Mr. Eric Chuar is dedicated to ensuring that ST Badminton Academy’s badminton classes, especially those designed for kids, are conducted with the utmost adherence to rules and regulations. He firmly believes that investing the time to identify and address each student’s weaknesses is crucial to ensure their improvement. Mr. Chuar understands that such an investment will yield significant returns in the form of improved performance.

Furthermore, Mr. Chuar recognizes that sharing his coaching experiences with his eldest batch of students is a valuable way to help them develop as athletes. He underscores the importance of proper structure planning and training workflow, or timeline, in achieving success in coaching. By adhering to these principles, Mr. Chuar has ensured that ST Badminton Academy’s badminton lessons and coaching services remain at the forefront of the industry.

Badminton Coaching Mr.Eric Chuar by ST Badminton Academy Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia

Insist Not Hiring Assistant Badminton Coach

As a badminton coach with years of experience in Malaysia, Mr. Eric Chuar is committed to ensuring that his students receive the highest quality of instruction. To this end, he has chosen not to hire any assistant coaches, despite the trend among many badminton academies to do so, particularly for beginner classes. Mr. Chuar believes that such an approach can result in a lack of consistency and messy improvement progress, which ultimately undermines the effectiveness of the training class.

According to Mr. Chuar, every coach is different, and the lack of experience and knowledge of assistant coaches can be confusing for students. To avoid this, he takes a hands-on approach and personally conducts all his badminton classes for his students. Mr. Chuar is willing to spend long hours on the court to ensure that his students receive the personalized attention and instruction they need to improve and understand. It is this level of dedication and commitment that sets his students apart and allows them to consistently outperform others in the sport.

Badminton Coach in KL Setapak Malaysia by ST Badminton Academy 2022

Remaining His Coaching Class Size Low Ratio

Since the inception of his coaching career, Mr. Eric Chuar has remained committed to ensuring that his students achieve optimal results in their badminton training. He is steadfast in his determination not to be influenced by a business mindset, which could compromise the quality of his instruction in favor of increased training fees. He has learned to self-manage and is highly motivated to achieve his goals, which has been instrumental in his success.

One of the key factors Mr. Chuar believes contributes to his students’ improvement is the class ratio. For instance, if one coach is training four students for two hours in a beginner class, each student only receives 30 minutes of training, which is insufficient. This timeframe does not account for warm-up, footwork, shadow swing racket, and sparring, leaving each student with only 20 minutes of training. As a badminton coach in Malaysia Johor Bahru, Mr. Chuar understands that this is not conducive to effective learning.

In light of this, Mr. Chuar prefers to maintain a class ratio of four students or fewer, as he recognizes that a smaller class size allows for more personalized attention and enhanced learning opportunities. As an experienced badminton coach in Singapore and Malaysia, Mr. Chuar is committed to ensuring that his students receive the best possible instruction, regardless of class size.

Eric Chuar - Badminton Coaching Malaysia KL Malaysia Gombak Setapak by ST Badminton Academy

Coach Attitude & Character Make a difference

Some of this coach’s students have been able to recognize the qualities of a good coach by observing other badminton classes, having initially been unsure about what to look for. A coach’s personality and behavior can greatly influence their students’ experience and success.

When a coach does not put in enough effort or time, students may become disengaged and fail to progress. On the other hand, if a so-called “Certified Badminton Coach” is arrogant or unpleasant, students may pick up these negative traits, even if they were not like that before. Therefore, it is understandable when parents complain that their child has not shown much improvement after several months of training – often, the coach is to blame.

Badminton Coach ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia and Singapore

Our Badminton Coach Takes Responsibility and Accountability

Coach Mr. Eric is more than just a badminton coach. In addition to providing expert training and guidance to his students during badminton classes and lessons, he also prioritizes their mental well-being by instilling values such as teamwork, humility, and honesty. To Coach Eric, his students are like family members, and he recognizes that a positive learning environment is key to fostering enthusiasm and growth.

Those who have had the pleasure of working with Coach Eric can attest to his kind and caring nature, which helps to create a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere for his students. By cultivating a sense of community and treating his badminton classes like a second home, Coach Eric sets a high standard that parents who simply push their children to work harder cannot match.

Badminton Coaching by Eric Chuar

Build Strategic Coaching Programs

Our badminton coach, Mr. Eric, has extensive knowledge in the field of sports and exercise analytics, which he incorporates into his strategic coaching class. He firmly believes that data and science can enhance his training techniques and elevate his coaching performance. To this end, he has undergone numerous courses to learn how to develop and apply datasets programs to his students.

By leveraging technology and data analysis, he can generate quantifiable results for his students, rather than relying solely on his observations. Coach Eric has even created a number of data analytic programs using Python, and has produced code to derive all of the results in R, for those who prefer that environment. He is passionate about the potential of coaching class that is rooted in data analysis and believes that the results can be fascinating. He stresses that the quality of the results ultimately depends on the specific strategic trainingthat is developed, and his students can expect to see the corresponding outcomes.

The Pythagorean Expectation in Coaching Eric Chuar Singapore and Malaysia

The Pythagorean Expectation in Coaching

Coach Mr. Eric utilizes the Pythagorean expectation as a tool to help his students improve their performance. This mathematical formula expresses the relationship between the percentage of games won and the total points scored by a player, either in singles or doubles. Specifically, the percentage of games won is proportional to the square of the total points scored by the player divided by the sum of the square of the total points scored and the square of the total points conceded by the player.

This approach is commonly used in badminton competitions organized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to analyze player mistakes, unforced errors, and the percentage of winning, as well as to predict the chance of winning and to evaluate the use of different skills. By incorporating data analytics into his coaching methodology, Coach Eric provides his students with a comprehensive approach to badminton training, which includes the use of advanced statistical techniques to inform their playing strategies. Here is the calculation,

or wpc = TF2 / ( TF2 + TA2 )

Where TF is points/career winning scored and TA  points/career winning conceded. The concept of Pythagorean expectation is not only useful for understanding why some players succeed, but can also be used to predict future outcomes. Although it was introduced by Coach Mr. Eric, the terminology can be overwhelming for parents and coaches who are not familiar with sports analytics.

Eric Chuar Professional Badminton Coach Malaysia and Singapore

Coach Effort is more important Medal

Eric mentions

A good badminton coach is not about how many medals you get for your old record. It is about now, how much effort and time you are willing to spend on your students

As a coach in Malaysia Kl Setapak and Melati Area, your role extends beyond the achievement of a medal or the conclusion of a competition. Coaching is an ongoing journey, and represents a unique partnership between you and your students. While the medal may be a significant accomplishment, your continued efforts as a coach are equally important in helping your students develop their skills and reach their full potential.

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