Why ST Badminton Academy

Why ST Badminton Academy Malaysia? Parents should use their eyes to monitor their own.

Main Intention of Our Badminton Academy KL Setapak Malaysia

Main Intention of Our Badminton Academy

For parents who have worked with ST Badminton Academy before, our goal has always been to provide proper badminton training that goes beyond just collecting training fees. We are committed to helping more kids build a strong foundation and achieve significant improvement in their skills.

Through our classes, students not only learn proper badminton techniques but also develop the right character and discipline. All our students are expected to follow our strict rules and regulations in order to complete their full set of foundation skills.

Why ST Badminton Academy Badminton Training Malaysia

Why ST Badminton Academy

We cannot answer this question on our own. Normally, we have many parents who have seen and compared our training with other badminton academies, and they have a clear answer. When our badminton coach takes in new students, it’s not just the students who feel tired; our coach can feel the pressure as well.

Why? Because every kid has a different character and learning speed, and at the beginning, the kids are totally new to the sport. Our coach wants his students to learn everything correctly from the start, so he has to be very careful. Many other badminton academies do not prioritize building a strong foundation, and as a result, their students may develop bad habits, lose interest, and not improve.

Benefits of Joining Our Badminton Academy in KL Malaysia
Benefits of Joining Our Badminton Academy

ST Badminton Academy does not use any marketing gimmicks or teasing tactics, such as offering free academy jerseys, rackets, or holiday camps, to attract students. We focus on delivering quality badminton training and ensuring consistent improvement results for our students. However, taking in more students means additional pressure on our coach to meet the individual needs of each student.

Unlike other badminton academies that have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching, we recognize that each student has a unique character, attitude, and learning speed. By providing personalized instruction, we can ensure that our students receive the most effective training and see measurable progress. Have you experienced the benefits of joining us?

Our Badminton Training Location in KL Malaysia
Our Badminton Training Location

Our training location is conveniently chosen for our coach and students. When selecting new students, we also consider where they live. This is because we want our students to come to training regularly, and we don’t want to waste parents’ time or risk students being late, which could affect their progress. Despite our students’ parents being willing to send their kids to us, even if they live far from the training location, our coach still finds the time spent on the road tiring and not always worthwhile. That’s why we clearly indicate our training location on our website’s location page.

The Quality of Our Badminton Classes in KL Malaysia
The Quality of Our Badminton Classes

Every parent is struggling to find the best badminton classes for their kids, but nowadays, with online platforms like Google and Facebook advertising, there are countless badminton academy websites claiming that their badminton classes for kids are the best. The best way for parents to decide is to accompany their kids to join the training and monitor the quality of the classes.

Quality-wise, we feel that our badminton classes are not the best yet; there are still many things that need to be improved in order to become perfect. Despite having conducted badminton classes for 16 years, we are still working on improving our training quality. By improvement, we mean better results, not just improving our business revenue. Many parents of our students still introduce their friends to us, but unfortunately, our badminton coach will not take more students if the classes are full.

Our Badminton Training Fees in Malaysia KL
Our Badminton Training Fees

Our badminton training fees are standard and depend on the class size. We don’t determine the fees based on the coach’s level, reputation, or any other factors. We focus on the class size because we don’t want to have group training with too many students in one class.

We calculate the value based on how much we can teach the kids in a 2-hour training session, not based on how famous our coach is. Expensive fees are one thing, but our main concern is that the students cannot consistently improve, which is a big issue for us. That is why we are very strict on the class size. If the class is full, we will reject any additional students, regardless of how much money their parents are willing to pay.

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