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Kids badminton lessons held by ST Badminton Academy is well known in Malaysia and Singapore. As all badminton training will only go according to a professional standard and proven improvement results.

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Kids Badminton Lessons Malaysia

Welcome to ST Badminton Academy Malaysia’s kids badminton lessons. Our coach focuses on teaching professional badminton fundamentals, which are perfect for parents looking for proper lessons to help their kids build the perfect foundation skills. All our training methods follow international standards, and our lessons for kids are widely recognized by many parents.

We aim for fast improvement results so that kids have more chances to become good players in badminton. Parents who are unsure of how to choose a good academy for their kids might wonder if fundamentals badminton development is important. The answer is yes; it is crucial to becoming a good badminton player.

Badminton Coach Conduct Badminton Lesson by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL Melati

Students can learn a lot from our Badminton Training

Our badminton coach at ST Badminton Academy Malaysia will teach our students the full set of fundamental skills necessary to become a good badminton player. They will also learn about the rules of the game and our coach is extremely particular about ensuring that no bad habits are developed.

Our students will learn how to serve, play, hold the racket, hit, block, jump, hit the shuttlecock, and much more. For parents wondering what a bad habit is, it is when kids lack the proper foundation and develop improper grip, incorrect way of hitting the shuttlecock, and other techniques that do not align with professional badminton standards. Such bad habits can hinder a child’s progress when they join any badminton classes for kids.

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What do bad habits look Like?

Most parents do not understand how bad habits can form, and how to check if their children’s badminton lessons are of good quality. Bad habits can form when children play badminton on their own without proper foundation skills, resulting in incorrect techniques.

Another common cause of bad habits is during badminton lessons. This could be due to large class sizes, or coaches lacking experience in teaching beginners. At ST Badminton Academy, we emphasize the importance of proper fundamental training and focus on each student’s individual progress to ensure they develop the right techniques and avoid bad habits.

Badminton lessons for kids by ST Badminton Academy Badminton Coach

What if the kids learned the wrong foundation in badminton lessons?

If children learn the wrong foundation during their badminton lessons, it can be very difficult for them to change back. That’s why our coach at ST Badminton Academy Malaysia is very strict about class sizes and personally teaches the kids, rather than acting as an assistant coach.

Many assistant coaches don’t recognize what bad habits look like, so they don’t know how to correct them or manage the children effectively. With our proper badminton lessons, kids will develop the correct fundamental habits instead of the wrong ones. If bad habits have already formed and it’s too late to change, parents need to find ways to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

Badminton Lessons kids ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL Setapak

Preparing for the future with Good Fundamental

Many parents wonder what good fundamentals are in badminton and why they are so important. Our badminton lessons don’t just teach kids how to hit the shuttlecock; we aim to provide them with a solid foundation in badminton that will prepare them for their future needs. For example, if they want to join a school team, sports school, or become a national player representing their country.

We teach real professional badminton fundamentals, not just lessons where hitting shuttlecocks is enough. During our lessons, we teach the full set of correct foundations, tactics, and mentality for kids to have a deep understanding of badminton. We understand that when kids have a good foundation, it helps build their confidence too. However, this is not easy, which is why the ratio in our group badminton training for kids is low. We need to put more effort into the kids’ improvement to make sure they have the best possible badminton foundation.

Best Badminton Coaching for kids by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL TARC Area

How the kids Can Play a Good Game

Many parents only send their kids to join badminton lessons after the kids express interest in playing badminton. However, by then, it may be too late, as the kids may have already developed bad habits. If the kids are between 5 to 10 years old, it is still possible to correct their bad habits, but if they are too old, such as already in secondary school, it may take a long time to correct them.

To ensure that your kids can play a good game of badminton, it is best to send them to join training as early as possible, especially when they are fresh. When the kids join the lessons at a fresh level, they can easily improve all their skills in a short time, as our badminton coach will fully focus on providing professional badminton training. We teach the right fundamentals, instead of just casual training for fun.

How to Improve the kid's overall skills in Badminton Training

How to Improve the kid’s overall skills in Badminton Training

If kids join the right training, their overall skills can improve very quickly. As is well known, our badminton coach, Mr. Eric Chuar, always ensures his students learn the professional fundamentals of badminton. If lessons are conducted properly, the coach, who is experienced, can detect weaknesses and bad habits in the students and correct them on the spot.

In many badminton lessons for kids, coaches detect that students are doing something wrong but only tell them without taking action. This results in students not improving even after months of training. This will not happen in our training because our badminton coach will force students to change when he detects any incorrect habits. Students have two choices: change or quit. We don’t waste the parent’s or the kid’s time.

Tips for choosing good badminton lessons for kids

Tips for choosing good badminton lessons for kids

“While our coach is an expert at teaching kids from beginner to professional levels using proper training methods, everyone knows his schedule is tight and many parents have to wait a long time because his lessons are always full. This means that he can’t take on too many students. He limits his yearly intake and only accepts 20 students into his training. Therefore, the best way to help is to provide parents with good tips for choosing a good badminton lesson for their kids.

Parents should consider a coach’s background, for example, whether they have produced any successful students in the past. They should also be wary of so-called “Ex-National or State player academies” and not assume that they are good. Parents should always monitor their child’s progress after 6 months of lessons and if there is no significant improvement, such as the inability to use footwork professionally during a game or to hit the shuttlecock gently, they should communicate directly with the coach to understand the situation.

Tips for Keeping Your kids improving in badminton Training in Malaysia KL

Tips for Keeping Your kids improving in badminton Training

What should parents do if they find that their child’s improvement is slow after 6 or 12 months of joining the training? In this case, parents should closely monitor each lesson to determine what their child is learning and how much time the coach is investing in their child. This will provide a clear understanding of why the improvement result is slow.

Sometimes the reason for slow progress can vary, for example, the coach may lack experience in coaching beginners, or the training method may be wrong, or the class size may be too large, making it difficult for your child to improve. In some cases, children may not be interested in joining badminton training but are forced to do so by their parents. Therefore, it really depends on the individual situation. However, keeping track of progress is the best way to ensure that your child continues to improve and reach the next level.

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