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In our private badminton lessons, the lob shot badminton technique is one of the most important shots in badminton. A good player can win a game with just one lob to control the opponent, while a bad player may lose a game with just one lob. But a good lob can turn a game around. The lob shot can be a difficult shot for older people as it requires few parts of body strength. In this article, we will show you how to play the lob shot technique and how to make it a powerful weapon in your private badminton games.

Lob Shot Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Eric Chuar Badminton Coach 2024

1. Define the lob

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In our private badminton lessons, our badminton coaches will teach our students to explain the lob types including forehand lob, backhand lob, cross lob, etc. This gives the other player difficult to return it if the lob shot quality is fast. The lob shot is an effective way of increasing your chances of winning a point in badminton.

It can be difficult to do because you have to know how to hit the shuttlecock with enough force to make it move up and fast into the air. Also, our badminton coaches will teach in our private badminton lessons in Malaysia Setapak the shuttlecock needs to be moved at just the right speed. If the shuttlecock is moved fast, over the opponent’s head quickly, can be an advantage for us to attack if shuttles return half-court.

To improve your lobbying skills, try practicing using a heavier racket is good to improve during private badminton lessons. According to our badminton coach, the lob technique is a very effective strategy in badminton. Our badminton coach also mentioned that this skill is usually used in all types of badminton matches to set up a “stamina recovering” for the player. The benefits of this include having a better chance of winning and being able to hit the shuttlecock in an area where it will be more difficult for the opponent to return it, which we called a shooting lob. 

If you are new to badminton, you should start with a light racket, look for a good private badminton coach to learn, and arrange private badminton lessons in Malaysia KL to train. This is because when you are first starting out, you don’t want to injure yourself, so a professional badminton coach or good private badminton lessons can help you better. If under their monitoring, you can get better-improving results at their private badminton lessons in KL Malaysia, and you can try using a heavier racket, if anything is wrong, the private badminton coach will correct you on the spot.

Lob Shot Badminton Coaching by ST Badminton Academy 2024 Malaysia KL

2. Identify your target to do a lob shot

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For a lob shot, you should aim for a target that is near the base of the badminton court, and which corner to lob, so that you will have to use your wrist and strength to perform this, but must remember to ask the badminton coach if you don’t understand. This way, your private badminton training is well worth the money. You also can learn the shot easier as the badminton coach is teaching the right thing. Also, take a few practice shots before the actual game starts or private badminton training. This will help you to get the feel of the shuttlecock in or out.  Also remember that you shouldn’t hit the shuttlecock too hard with your arm, as according to our badminton coach, will easily get injured if using your full arm.

If you do, you will not be able to control it and easily out, also your footwork technique must be correct too. This is why you need to learn how to control the lob shot properly including the footwork technique. To get the perfect shot of every badminton technique, especially the lob shot, you should practice or join any class that provides lob shot badminton training. You need to hit the shuttle in the right place in a badminton game. You should also keep your eyes open and watch the shuttle return. This will help you to perform the lob shot faster and better during your badminton game. 

The next thing you need to do is to set up the shuttle before you hit the shuttle. This is important because you have to aim at the center of the shuttle to make the perfect lob shot in badminton technique. You can do this by looking at the shuttle. The shuttle should be in front of you and not behind you. You should also look at the shuttle when it is close to you. If you do, you will be able to hit the shuttle and send it back to the correct place.

Lob Shot Badminton Classes by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2024

3. Play the lob

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Play the lob smart, and hit the right place to make it your opponent difficult to return. Try to maintain the lob shot technique at the baseline “every shot”. As if you are lob half court, your opponent will have the chance to attack you, play smart. You should also be aware of the different lob shots technique. There are many types of lob shots. You should learn to do them all to get the best results. 

The first type of lob shot is the short lob shot. This is a short shot that you can use when you are not in a good position example the opponent. It is a simple shot that can be used in many situations. If you are in a good position, you can use this shot to try and score. This type of shot is useful in situations where you need to hit the ball hard, but need to avoid the opponent’s return.

For example, a good lob shot technique is a “lob over the just nice to the baseline”. The main thing is to get the shuttles in the air. The next thing to do is to hit the shuttles in the right spot. Your opponent will try to return the shuttles. You should make it your opponent difficult to return the shuttles. You can also hit the shuttles hard and fast shuttle speed. If you do, your opponent will not be able to return the shuttles that easily.

4. Keep your eye on the shuttlecock and Opponent

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When you play badminton, your goal is to keep your eye on the shuttlecock. If you miss the shuttlecock, you lose. So eyes on the shuttles to keep them and plan what shot you want to perform. Get ready faster to get more time to prepare for how to beat the opponent.  

If you are playing singles, you should start thinking about what shot to use before hitting the shuttlecock to reach your hand. Once you hit it, you need to watch it carefully so that you can hit it back. If you don’t watch it closely, you will lose the game for sure. If you perform the wrong skills still cannot save the shuttles, regardless of how good is your footwork.

You should practice lob shots every day by yourself or with a partner. You can also play a match against someone who is good at badminton and try the lob shot you learn. How to determine my lob shot quality? When the quality is good, you can see your opponent’s difficulty to return the shuttles. When your lob quality is badminton, you probably will keep getting attacked by your opponent, and your partner will scold you too, easy right?

Professional Lob Shot Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2024

5. Treat the lob shot as your friend

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Treat the lob shots technique as your friend in badminton. The lob shot is a great way to get a quick point if you do it well, especially in a doubles game. It’s also a great way to hit the shuttles over the net, which will cause your opponent to be unable to attack easily if the shot quality is good. It is a very useful tool for beginners and those who want to improve their game. 

If you are playing singles, the lob shot technique is a great way to open up the game. It is a great way to confuse your opponent and force him or her to move around and change their strategy.

If you are playing doubles, the lob shot technique can also help you to get an easy point. However, if your lob shot skills are not consistent easily miss the shot, you may lose the point and your partner may lose the game as well, they will dislike you too, how can you miss this kind of easy shot? You need to practice the lob properly shot before you go into a competitive game.

Singapore Lob Shot Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia 2024

6. Learn to lob in badminton

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If you are a beginner, must look for a good badminton coach you should learn how to lob in badminton because if you play this sport, you will not only improve your coordination but also your reflexes and reaction time. For us, lob shot badminton training is the first shot that must learn by all beginners. And this is the easiest badminton skill to learn compared to all badminton skills. 

You can learn how to lob in badminton with the help of a professional badminton coach or in a badminton game with your partner. A private badminton coach can teach you how to play it, a good coach can change your life. A professional coach will teach you how to hold the racket, how to swing the racket, how to play the stroke, etc. The coach will teach you the basics of badminton. He will also teach you how to play the game.

You can choose to play badminton with your partner or on your own. If you want to train a lob shot with your partner, you should choose a partner who is good at badminton. 

Actually, it’s easy to play lob shot badminton, you just need to have good coordination. You can’t use your wrist and arm to play lob shot badminton, you should use your whole body to play lob shot badminton. If you really do not understand how to perform this lob shot, look for a private coach, because they will teach you the correct foundation, but make sure the private coach is good. So, what you need to do is to practice your wrist and arm movement while doing the badminton training. A good badminton coach always helps you with your passions, and you are also guaranteed to become a good player.

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