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There are many benefits to learning how to do a high badminton serve, including improving your game and making you more time to prepare while your opponent returns the shuttle. The high badminton serve is an effective way to get your opponent delay to return the shuttle. Learning how to do a high badminton serve will also improve your overall game, making it easier to make good shots and get the shuttles on the court.  The service doesn’t need to be very high, the only thing you need is should be over the opponent’s head at a fast speed to make him difficult to return.

High serve badminton coaching by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2024

1. What is high badminton serve?

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High badminton serve is a powerful service that travels farther than a low serve. It is a shot that comes from a higher position than a low serve and has more power behind it as it can help to delay the opponent’s movement. High badminton serve is when you serve with the side of the racket facing up. 

Then, you need to hit the shuttles with the top part of the racket. When you are hitting the shuttles, you should use the middle part of the racket. This will help to give you more power and make it easier for you to hit the shuttles. 

High badminton serve is a very powerful service that travels a long distance. The badminton serve is a type of service in which the racquet is swung forward and upward, and the racquet head makes a fast follow-through to the shuttles.

High serve badminton lesson by ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia 2024

2. How to execute a high badminton serve

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The high badminton serve is executed by having the racquet face up and the elbow down. It is executed by rotating the racquet around the arm in a counter-clockwise direction. The wrist should be open with the palm facing down.

The most important thing to remember when executing a high serve is to keep your head up. When you play the game of badminton, you will find that the head is very important when executing a high serve. If you do not have a good head position, you will not be able to execute a high serve.

There are a number of ways to execute a high badminton serve. The most common way is to hit the shuttlecock with your racket in an upward motion. Another way is to use a fast, downward swing of the racket. The third way is to hit the shuttlecock in a horizontal manner.

When executing a high service, you must hit the shuttles with a slight backswing and follow through with a powerful follow-through.

High serve badminton coaching by ST badminton Academy KL Malaysia 2025

3. How to avoid a high badminton serve mistake

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The high badminton serve is a very important part of the game. If you are serving and miss your high serve, try to avoid this mistake, as it can be very difficult to make your opponent afraid of you. And you will also lose confidence due to the mistake. If you want to make sure that you are serving well, you need to practice more. Look for badminton training and good badminton coaches are the best.

There are several things that you can do to help you improve your high serve. One of the most important things to do is to practice more, more, and more. You can also try to visualize yourself serving well. If you are having trouble with your high serve, it may be helpful to think about how you would hit a perfect high serve in badminton.

There are several benefits to practicing your badminton high serve correctly to avoid mistakes. The first is that it will make you a better player if your high serve is good in badminton. It will also help you to improve your other badminton technique once you learned the right high serve in badminton. If you want to improve your high serve, you need to practice and work on the timing of the serve and the amount of spin that you put on the shuttles.

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4. Understand the Rules?

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Find out how the high serve works, especially like high serve badminton training we used to do, understand the rules of serve then practice and build a strong base before you compete in rallies, matches, or any other games.

It’s important that you don’t give the server an unfair advantage, so there are special restrictions placed on serving during the rest of the rally. The receiver is the person who throws the second shot in the rally. For example in doubles, the receiver’s partner is not allowed to hit this. When you are hitting the shuttle, you must keep it below your waist. That’s exactly what it means, and to be precise, the rules define this as a height level with the lowest.

The service courts are little box shapes that are placed inside the court. The badminton court has a centerline. This is a line extending from the back to near the net. In badminton, the front of the court consists of two lines: the front of the court and the front service line. The T shape is formed by the two lines that meet.

The singles service court is a box built of four lines.

  • The middle line.
  • The sideline is inside.
  • The line of service
  • The back line ( The outside one was all the way to the back)

On your side of the net, you have two service courts: your right service court, and your left service court. Your opponent’s the same too.

The doubles service courts are slightly different from singles. The singles court is wider because it uses the outside sideline, but it’s longer because it uses the inside back line.

That is what the inside back line is supposed to be for: doubles service, and nothing else. Don’t feel confusing line on a badminton court, because every line does one purpose.

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5. Develop Your Skills

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In badminton, you need to develop all your skills, high serve badminton training is important but footwork is a must before you learn all this. If you do not develop these foundation skills, then you will not be able to play badminton.

The Foundation of badminton is the most important skill that you should learn in badminton. You should practice your footwork before you learn to play badminton. Your footwork is the foundation of your game and you cannot improve it unless you have a good foundation. It’s important to learn how to do footwork because it helps you to get better at badminton.

Learn how to High serve badminton training by ST Badminton Academy KL Malaysia Setapak 2024

6. Practice Your Shots high badminton serve

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You should practice your shots whenever you have the opportunity. It’s important to get the timing down for your shots so that they are as perfect as possible. If you don’t practice, you will never be able to hit a perfect shot in a game. If you play badminton, you should practice your high serve badminton training. This is because your arm will naturally move higher when you play every shot. Remember, practice makes perfect. If you are a beginner, practice as often as possible.

How to High serve badminton training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL Setapak 2024

7. Practice Your Strategy Badminton High Serve

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It is important to practice your strategy in badminton, especially high serve badminton training. If you do not practice your strategy combined with your high serve skill, you will find yourself losing the game, as the opponent can keep attacking you. If you want to improve your high serve, practice your forehand and backhand strokes.

You can use this strategy to practice your high serve in badminton. The best strategy to use is a high serve to drag the opponent to the backcourt and perform netting because it is more difficult for the other player to return. If the other player is able to return the high service, then you will have to play a long rally to get back into the game.

Professional high serve badminton training by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia 2024

8. Practice Your Mental Game in Badminton

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If you practice your mind in your game, you will have more control over the game, especially high serve. The game of badminton is an excellent sport because it requires both physical and mental skills. It can be played competitively or casually, and there are many different variations of the sport. We hope you can improve and learn more about badminton!

High serve badminton lesson by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL 2024

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