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Our kid’s badminton lessons are the best way to improve a full set of foundations in badminton.

Kids Badminton Lesson Malaysia KL by ST Badminton Academy 2025
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Kids Badminton Lesson Malaysia

Our kids’ badminton lessons are focused on developing professional techniques and providing a strong foundation for kids. As always, we limit our class size to ensure that we can provide individualized attention to each student.

We believe that bringing out a professional player with a perfect foundation requires starting at a young age and investing a lot of time and effort. Most parents understand this, and we share the same view.

However, some coaches may prioritize earning more money over quality teaching, which can result in subpar results and a lack of improvement for their students. As coaches, we understand that we need to provide the best learning experience for our students, not just for profit.

How to ensure the badminton lessons are Perfect by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Setapak

How to ensure the badminton lesson is Perfect

If a coach wants their students to achieve perfection in every skill, they must continuously refine and perfect each skill, which is a difficult task. If a coach blindly conducts lessons, the students will never become good players. Our badminton coach has been teaching for almost 14 years and remembers his own childhood where he enjoyed playing badminton but had to work hard to afford the lessons.

He was excited for every training day and spent his time watching others play after training or picking up used shuttlecocks. Nowadays, children seem less motivated and fail to appreciate the effort their parents put into providing for them and planning their future.

Our badminton academy has a rule that if a student is not willing to work hard during the lessons, we will ask them to leave. This is to ensure that parents and coaches do not waste their time and money, and the children can achieve the proper foundation they need to succeed.

How to ensure the badminton lessons are Perfect by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Setapak Indah

The benefit of the professional way of badminton training for Kids

We believe that our structured badminton training is an excellent way to help students improve within a short period of time. Why? Because if kids join our training but learn nothing or develop bad habits due to learning the wrong thing, then what’s the point? We are not any different from other casual training classes. That is why we have been providing professional training for the past 14 years.

In addition to teaching proper badminton techniques, our classes also help develop the right mentality in our students. Many kids can come up with numerous excuses to skip training methods they do not like, but our coach will not let them off the hook until they get used to it. For students who are not capable of following our training plan, they only have two choices: either do it or quit. But most students end up happy and appreciative of what our coach did for them.

Provide Kids with Badminton Lessons to Earn Money ST Badminton Academy Malaysia Selangor

Provide Kids with Badminton Coaching to Earn Money

To be honest, we could blindly provide badminton lessons for kids and only think about earning more money. We could just do everything on the surface, present ourselves as a good badminton academy, and run advertisements to get more students easily.

We could also bluff all parents and claim that we have a systematic training approach, offer free jerseys and rackets to attract more parents to send their kids to join us. But we are not interested in doing this.

Why? It is because there is no point in spoiling a student if we are not capable of coaching them well, right? If we take up 40 students and end up with only 4 students having a good result, this is an irresponsible practice. Do you think that the rest of the 36 students are stupid or that the badminton coaches never taught them properly, or don’t know how to teach? Parents and coaches should already have a clear answer.


Not many good foundation badminton players in Malaysia

Why are there so many badminton coaches providing private lessons for kids in Malaysia, but there are still not many players with good foundations? Why is there only one senior player like Loh Kean Yew, and only recently at that? There are many irresponsible coaches in the market now who teach without really knowing how to teach and just make it a business.

Their thinking is that since Loh Kean Yew won the world championship, many parents will want their kids to learn badminton, so now is the time to coach. It doesn’t matter if they know how to coach or not, those parents won’t know the difference. This is a serious problem that parents need to be aware of when choosing a good badminton training class for their kids.

We talk about this not because we want more students to join us, or because we don’t like some academies, or because we are the best badminton academy. We are parents too, and we want our kids to have a bright future in Malaysia. So, it is important for parents to be discerning in choosing a reputable badminton coach who can provide quality training and foundation for their children.

Got qualification means the kids badminton lessons is good by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL

Qualified badminton coach means the training is good?

In fact, even if some badminton coaches have coaching qualifications at level 1, 2, or even 3, parents or head coaches can use their own eyes to judge the quality of the lessons. Qualifications do not necessarily mean that the lessons are properly structured or effective.

We can observe that there are many coaches in sports halls and community centers who teach poorly despite being certified in coaching qualifications. We understand that it is not easy to control everything in a good way, so parents or coaches who have an assistant coach in their academy should monitor their kids or students during the training to ensure that every child is receiving proper lessons and having fun.

By doing so, we can have a better batch of players to represent Malaysia KL in the next 5 years, and more good players will emerge from our nation.

What are the good advice for kids badminton lessons by ST Badminton Academy Malaysia KL

What is good advice for kids badminton Training?

For parents who want to enroll their kids in badminton training, we advise you to monitor the training regularly. Don’t just send your kids and run away to do other things. Make sure to observe how the coach conducts the training and, importantly, check your child’s improvement after a few months. Your kids belong to you, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that they join the right training class.

For some badminton coaches who want to expand their academy by hiring many assistant coaches, it’s important to monitor the student’s progress closely. You can create a skills list with a monthly calendar, just like our coach has been doing for the past 12 years. Use a book or notebook to record the student’s learning date, time, and skills taught on each day, and submit it to the head coach for approval. This way, the whole training class will be under monitoring, and any problem or issue can be addressed promptly. Keeping parents up to date is also essential in ensuring a successful training class.

Improve Quality of Training
Working together to improve the quality of kids badminton lessons brings up the Malaysia badminton level.

Obvious Improvement Result
Spent more time on kids during training to focus on their weaknesses and improve their overall skills.

Coaching Responsibility
Every badminton coach has to bare the coaching responsibility to make sure to find the best solution to help the kids solve their problems in badminton.

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