Boon Lay Badminton Training

Badminton training in Boon Lay by ST Badminton Academy is mainly located at Boon Lay Secondary School.

Badminton Training in Boon Lay Proper Badminton Coach
Focus on

Badminton Training in Boon Lay

The main focus of our Boon Lay badminton training is on developing a professional foundation. This is particularly beneficial for parents who are seeking a proper badminton coach to teach their children, especially at the beginner level. If children can learn proper training from the beginning, their improvement can be faster and more noticeable.

Our group badminton classes for kids are organized based on the student’s age, level, learning speed, and training stage, to ensure that each student can learn in a structured environment. The group sizes are customized for kids who are genuinely interested in learning professional badminton skills and foundation. These badminton lessons are usually held at Boon Lay Secondary School, and the class entry requirements are for applicants who are six years old and above.

Boon Lay Badminton Training Video

The Boon Lay badminton training video showcases students learning proper badminton footwork, practicing upper body skill sets through shadow training, and using multiple shuttlecocks to develop agility and coordination.

Badminton Training Boon Lay Overview Badminton Class Proper Coach

Badminton Training Boon Lay Overview

In our Boon Lay badminton training, our students will learn the professional badminton foundation, rather than just casual training. This means that they will learn all the proper footwork, upper and lower body coordination, skill sets, and more. The lesson will be focused on both the internal and external foundations of badminton. We do not only want our students to practice the external parts of badminton, such as swinging a racket, running footwork, or doing smashing skills, but we also want them to understand the reasons behind using each skill, especially the foundation.

Based on our badminton coach’s experiences in coaching beginners, if the student understands the foundation they are learning, their improvement will be much faster than other students who only understand externally. We have found that if a student only follows external instructions, such as how to swing a racket, but does not understand why they need to swing from the top, their improvement will be slow. However, if they understand the foundation and skill patterns, their technique will look much better. Our badminton classes prioritize improvement results over the business, ensuring that our students can have a positive and effective improvement journey throughout their training.

Is Proper Foundation in Badminton Important for Kids Badminton Class Boon Lay

Learning Professional Foundation in Badminton Classes for Kids

Many parents are aware that we only provide professional badminton training for kids, especially at the beginner level. Our badminton classes ensure that our students learn a professional foundation, rather than just playing for fun without learning anything. Our badminton coach’s intention is to ensure that all students in our Boon Lay badminton training complete all the necessary foundations. Although our students may feel tired while learning the right foundation, once they have learned all the foundations, they will love this sport forever.

This is because building the foundation correctly indirectly builds their hobbies and confidence. Imagine if all these students learned the wrong foundation in our badminton classes for kids, would they be able to improve? No, and they would have a high chance of losing interest and eventually quitting the sport. This is why we do not offer casual training for kids to simply sweat it out, as this may kill their interest and lead to the development of many bad habits and incorrect foundations.

Badminton Class Without Proper Foundation are they able to Improve

Without Professional Badminton Lessons are they able to Improve

Joining a casual badminton training session, which is simply for exercise, will not lead to any improvement. Whether this is suitable for kids and parents depends on what they are looking for in a badminton class in Boon Lay. If they are solely interested in their kids getting good exercise and are not concerned about proper training methods, correct skill learning, playing patterns looking ugly, and do not mind their kids being different from professional badminton training, then casual training may be appropriate for them.

However, we prefer to conduct our badminton lessons in a professional manner. Our aim is for students to learn the professional foundation in the lesson and keep progressing. This is beneficial because if they learn the right foundation, it is a skill that they can use throughout their lifetime. There are many types of badminton lessons available in Singapore, but not every training class is suitable for kids, as some are only designed for exercise and some are just for enjoyment without any emphasis on improvement. For our badminton lessons, only proper training will be permitted.

At what age can start Badminton Classes learn from Badminton Coach

At what age can start Badminton Classes for Kids

For this Boon Lay badminton training, the appropriate age for students depends on their interest and enthusiasm for the sport. Our badminton coach started playing badminton at the age of 4 and has since had many batches of students, some of whom started at the age of 5, 6, or 7. If a child is genuinely interested in badminton, age is not a barrier to success. However, if a child is not interested and their parents are simply looking for an exercise option, it may take time to develop the child’s interest and passion for badminton.

We also have students who join us at 13 to 15 years old as fresh beginners, with a strong desire to improve and play at a higher level. It is not uncommon for students who start training at the age of 4 to take two years before seeing significant improvements due to incomplete muscle and strength development, but by the third year, their improvement is often substantial. We have had students as young as 7 years old who begin competing to gain experience, but ultimately, age is not our primary concern when considering student applications.

What They Can Achieve from this Badminton Training Boon Lay by Certified Badminton Coach

What They Can Achieve from this Badminton Training Boon Lay

In the badminton classes conducted by ST Badminton Academy at Boon Lay, students have the opportunity to acquire a professional foundation. Upon completion of our skill test and theory test, known as our Professional Badminton Certification Level 1, we offer further training with Level 2, allowing students to progress from high beginner level to intermediate level, based on their learning pace.

Recognizing the importance of mastering the fundamentals of badminton, our coach takes care to instruct every skill with precision, ensuring that students learn perfectly. Our goal is to help every student achieve their objectives. For instance, we have assisted students in preparing for entry into CCA for badminton, school teams, and even the Singapore sports school. Such students are able to achieve their objectives as our foundation training is designed to deliver the proper foundation.

What is the Class Size for this Badminton Training by Proper Badminton Coach

What is the Class Size for this Badminton Training

As is well known, we prioritize the class size in our badminton training class led by our badminton coach. The size of the class directly impacts the quality of results achieved by the students, which is why we offer only three class sizes: 4 student group training, 2 student group training, and private badminton training.

In addition to class size, the structure of our badminton training class is equally important. Currently, the preferred class size for our Boon Lay badminton training classes is a group of 2 students. This smaller class size is favored by parents who are looking for proper training and results that can be seen every week. We share the same goal as these parents and aim to ensure our students can compete in competitions at a young age, rather than simply engaging in exercise.

Who will Conduct this Badminton Training Eric Chuar Badminton Coach

Who will Teaching These Badminton Lessons

Our experienced badminton coach, Mr. Eric Chuar, will personally conduct the Boon Lay badminton lessons. He understands that beginner students will need more guidance as they may not know anything about badminton. Therefore, if he wants the student to become the best badminton player, he has to put in full effort to teach his students from the beginning. If the students are not taught properly during the beginner stage, they will have a hard time reaching a certain level due to correcting bad habits.

Most of the students in our badminton academy are taught by Mr. Eric, from beginner level to advanced level. He has also coached students who have successfully entered school CCA, School Team, DSA, and even the Singapore Sports School. Coach Mr. Eric believes that teaching the foundation requires a lot of experience, and the more the coach understands about the foundation, the faster the student’s improvement will be.

Learning Objectives from this Badminton Training by Badminton Coach

Learning Objectives from this Badminton Training

In addition to learning the fundamentals, the main objective of this badminton training is for our students to master all of the professional badminton skills. By doing so, they will have complete confidence in the skills they have learned, which are of a professional standard rather than a casual one.

Once they have completed the training and passed our examination, students will have gained extensive knowledge of badminton. They will also be able to participate in competitions to gain valuable playing experience and continue their journey as an athlete if they are passionate about this sport. Importantly, they will have acquired a lifetime foundation for badminton.

Quality of this Training at Boon Lay Secondary School from Badminton Coach

Quality of this Training at Boon Lay Secondary School

We are committed to providing high-quality Boon Lay badminton training for parents who are seeking proper training that offers fast results and thorough instruction. Many of our current students’ parents have expressed dissatisfaction with low-quality training classes that lead to slow progress, based on their previous experiences with other badminton academies. For parents who are primarily seeking exercise for their children, our training may not be ideal, as our focus is on achieving real improvement rather than simply providing a workout.

Our coach is dedicated to ensuring that his students learn the fundamentals of badminton correctly and quickly, and is not interested in wasting time or offering subpar training just to turn a profit. His goal is to help as many children as possible develop a solid foundation in badminton, ultimately benefitting the wider Singaporean badminton community.

Badminton Training Boon Lay Secondary School by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Common Question Before Start Training

The best way is to use the APPLY button on the top left side to submit your children’s details. So that we can find out more data to understand about your kids, and easier for us to arrange the slot for your kid if our training slot is available.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

Kindly refer to the “Training Location” page from the toggle menu to check all the available locations of badminton classes and the status of the class availability.

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First, you need to check the “status” of the class availability from our “Training Location” page.

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Secondly, after checking the slot is available, use APPLY button to submit your application into our system, make sure you received the confirmation email with the application number.

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For training fees, you may refer to our “Training Fees” page for more details including group size, training ratio, etc, and more.

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Our training class schedule is separated by different levels and days, the best way is to submit your application by using “APPLY” button and choosing the preferred location and preferred timing.
Our coach will contact you and advise the available timing if your kid is suitable for us to slot in.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

Sorry No, for now, we only take kids who are interested in badminton.

From the beginning, No. But A high-end racket will be provided after the student can play well, depending on the student’s performance in badminton training. As our coach is not just a coach, he is a Certified Stringer and Master Racquet Technician in Singapore with, huge knowledge of badminton equipment. So very particular on badminton racket equipment. You may visit his “Stringing Page” to verify.

Or use the button below to visit his stringing page.

For all other questions use the button below to visit the common questions page.

Applicant Must Fulfill 6 Requirements Before Apply

Applicants must be able to work hard all the time in badminton training.

Reason: We strictly do not allow any students to waste time just “passing time” in our training, and wasting parent’s money too.

Applicant discipline must be good or please do not apply.

Reason: Any bad discipline found during the training will be informed to quit, so better do not apply.

Applicant must be interested in badminton, not forced by parents to join this training.

Reason: To be honest, we are looking into results instead of that few dollars of training fees, so the student itself must be interested in badminton and wish to learn more from our coach, so all along for training progress, we will keep parents up to date to make sure their kid is improving.

All students must be punctual in every badminton training, for example, must wear indoor shoes and should be ready before training starts.

Reason: Our coach spent time figuring out every student’s weakness and planning the training schedule for the day in advance, if our coach saw this kind of attitude, will kill his motivation to think of how to make the student improve more.

Must follow training instructions all the time, if missed any instruction more than 3 lessons will be informed to quit.

Reason: If we keep asking the student to do something but they are not listening to the instruction if they have “no heart” to train, no point to let parents need waste money and send them for training. If they wish to just play for fun, nobody scolds or cares too much in the training, there are a lot of other badminton academies outside there welcoming you to join, but not with us.

Students must be able to train harder, or please do not apply.

Reason: If the student does not train hard, to be honest, the improvement is very slow, some more is only 1-week train 1 time, and only 2 hours, how long need to learn all the foundation? 1 year or 2 years? Impossible, so the best way is to train as much as they can.

For all other terms and conditions use the button below to visit the Term & Conditions page.

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Important Notice

Our badminton coach has decided to move permanently to Malaysia KL because he wishes to accompany his elderly parents. Some parents might understand this – family is much more important than anything. We appreciate that our previous students have accompanied ST Badminton Academy for a long time. Time passes too quickly and we believe someday we will meet again. If some parents really cannot find a good badminton coach in Singapore, you may still drop us a message, we will try our best to recommend a good badminton coach for you. Take care everyone!

Here is our current badminton training location for kids in KL, Malaysia.
Most likely our badminton coach will choose a location that is nearer to Setapak and Melati areas. All the badminton lessons for kids will still follow the proper way of coaching. Thanks Again!

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